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My Proud Baby was started out of the necessity to see more inclusion and representation within the baby community

Your Baby Matters!



From a very early age your baby will begin to recognize the environment in which they interact. This includes shapes, patterns and images. Things introduced to your baby’s developing mind will stick with them and shape their perception of the world around them. We believe that it is important to celebrate the heritage  and culture surrounding your baby and bring to the forefront the things that make your family unique. It is important for you baby to see and recognize positive representation of themselves in their immediate surrounds, from brith.   This is why all of our products feature black characters, of all shades, as well as modern cultural patterns and imagery. We want to be apart of the process that helps guid your child to a life of self awareness and confidence. 

Our Products

We take pride in our products! All of our products are custom designed and tailored to your baby. We do not use pre-designed stock prints or generic products. All of our printed media has been carefully sourced and created by local artist specifically for our company. We ensure that our materials are always of the best quality. We have taken the time to source only premium fabrics that are both comfortable for the baby but durable enough to stand the test of time. It is important to us that parents feel that get their money’s worth when they shop our store. Each of our products are made from 100% organic materials in factories that are environmentally friendly♻️, clean, and trustworthy. We only source from factories and suppliers with the highest level of certifications and accreditations.




When you use My Proud Baby products you not only send a message to your baby that Black is Beautiful but you also display that to the world around you. 


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please check out our group Proud Moms and Dads where we’ll be posting tons of parenting information as well as creating a space for new and veteran parents to discuss topics, swap advice, and share their #Proudfamily



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