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New Year Traditions To Start With Your Family


Many people use the beginning of the new year as a time to set intentions, make goals, and plans for the year to come. The start of the new year can also be a great time for traditional moments with the family. Although many families have traditions and annual celebration for New Year’s Eve night, not many families have traditional events or plans for the beginning of the new year.

Starting one or more family tradition with your kids may be a great way to keep the excitement going after the holidays have passed. We have compiled a list of a few things to try with your family this year and years to come.


5 Family Traditions to Kickstart Your New Year

1. Make Vision Boards


Making a vision board is a great way to represent your family's goals for the upcoming year. Vision Boarding is an activity that both kids and adults find enjoyable. The greatest thing is that there is no wrong way to make a vision board! Every board is unique in every board tells a story.

Making vision boards is a low cost activity that will provide hours of entertainment for the whole family. Make it a party by pairing it with a fun dinner that everyone will love. For this activity everyone can make their own board or families with small children may try making one collective vision board for the whole family.

Keep the going by picking a designated place to hang everyone's vision board. Then next year replace the vision boards with the new ones!


2. Plan A Favorite Foods Dinner


This one is pretty easy and one that everyone will love! If you are in charge of the food for your family you know that it is impossible to get everyone's favorite food into one meal. That's why this family tradition is so amazing. Favorite foods dinner it's just that, It's a dinner made up entirely everyone's favorite dishes.

For the event, everyone in the family picks their favorite food to have at the dinner, one item only. Four small children, parents will pick. That's it! All there is left to do is enjoy. If you have a big family you may have to split up the foods into categories like appetizers and desserts.

Although this may be a lot of work for the person who has to prepare everyone's favorite food, what makes it special is that this only happens once per year. Kicking off the year with everyone's favorite food is sure to start the year off right.


3. Write A Family Letter


At the beginning of the year to get together with the whole family and write a short letter recapping the past year and preparing for the year to come. Include all of the milestones and highlights of the past year. If you have a small children you may be able to write lots of things as young children have so many milestones in short periods of time. This is a great time for the whole family to recap where you have came from over the last year so you can have a clear path to where you are going. It's also nice to include at least 1 to 2 things your family is looking forward to over the next year.

Keep your family letters in a safe space or binder so you may look back over the years to see how your family has grown.


4. Record Everyone's Height

Recording your children's heights is a great way to see how much your children have grown up over the years. The beginning of the year is a great time to make an annual event of recording everyone's health. Make it an annual event and get the whole family involved. Don't forget to record mom and dad too!

If you have a family home find a space that is not in a common area and record everyone's height at the beginning of the year. For families who do not have a home where they can write on the walls, a height chart may be the perfect option. You can travel with this height chart or even hang it in your home for decoration. You may notice that all year your kids come back to see just how much they've grown since the beginning of the year.


5. Take A Annual Photo


This is a fun activity that gets better as the years go on. Have your family take a photo in the same spot and formation every year. As the years go on you will have a clear timeline of everyone’s growth and changes. It’s also fun to see the family's new addition!

Doing this at the beginning of the year it is a great way to make sure that you do not forget and that everyone is around. The beginning of the year is usually usually means the kids are out from school and parents have a small break from work, and everyone is in town. This does not have to be a professional photo, set up your phone to capture the moment. The fun is in seeing the changes year after year.

Whether you try something on this list or go with something of your own creation, we hope that you make this next year a wonderful one for you and your family. Starting new traditions With your family creates memories that will last a lifetime. Please feel free to share your family traditions and how you are getting this year started in the comments below. We would love to hear from you!



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