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A New Parent Guide to Changing Diapers

Become A Pro

learn how to change baby diaper

Before you can become a diaper changing pro there are are a few things you will need:

    • Diapers
    • Wipes
    • Cream or Ointment
    • Change of clothes for baby
    • Changing mat, pad, or swaddle


1.Prepare the space

designate an area as your diaper changing station. Set up your changing table/pad if you have one. If you are not equipped with a changing table, you can set up your changing station by laying down a swaddle or blanket.


2.Place your baby

Always place your baby on their back.


3.Remove the dirty diaper

For disposable diapers, pull up the sticky tabs. For reusable cloth diapers, remove the diaper cover and snaps or Velcro from around your baby's waist.


4.Clean the area

Use the diaper to clean as much of the area as you can. Lift the legs and clean baby's front well with warm water or wipes, being sure to get into all the creases. Then lift both legs and clean baby's bottom thoroughly.Always wipe from front to back to avoid infection, especially for girls.


5.Discard the dirty diaper

We recommend getting a diaper pail because you will be going through a LOT of diapers.


6.Apply ointment or cream

If the area is red or inflamed, use any products your doctor has recommended for rashes.


7.Put on the new diaper

Pull the front of the diaper over your baby's belly and pull the tabs open and around to close the diaper.


8.Dress your baby

you may find that your baby needs a different outfit than before diaper changing .


step-by-step to change a baby

Dos and Don'ts

Changing a diaper is a lot like getting a present from your grandmother - you're not sure what you've got but you're pretty sure you're not going to like it


  • Don't go to tight. This may cause discomfort for your baby and can even cause stomach pressure that can cause them to spit up.


  • Keep a hand on baby. Your baby may move or roll unexpectedly.


  • Don't use wipes on newborn. Pediatricians recommend using warm water and a cloth or cotton balls during the first weeks of life.


  • Be prepared for a mess. Don't think your baby has stop going to the bathroom once the changing has started.


  • Don't use powder. Experts recommend against using any kind of baby powder since a number of studies have found that it can cause choking, breathing problems, lung damage and even, in some cases, death.


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