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Proud Tips: Best Places to Register for your Baby Shower

Whether you are a first time parent or already have a mini tribe, your baby shower can be one of the most exciting parts of the pregnancy journey.

Picture of baby shower

Think about it, all the excitement of Christmas combined with the relief of checking things off your to-do list. Aside from having a party with your family and friends (and who doesn’t love a party, haaaaay), your baby shower is a great opportunity to get some much needed items to help you after you’ve welcomed your new bundle of joy into the world. 

Having a gift registry is an important part of your baby shower. A good registry allows you to direct your family and friends to the things you need while ensuring you do not end up with multiples of items you will not need. Parents who live long distances from their family and friends can utilize gift registries to still secure those key items when not able to gather everyone in a physical location. In short, a registry helps you maximize the items you will receive which will be important to help you navigate the trials and joys of parenthood. 

We have prepared a short list of some of hottest  places online to host your registry to take the headache out or preparing a register and get you back to back to the party planning:

the ones stop shop

Babylist has created a platform to help you simply managing your registries. Through Babylist you can combine multiple registries from different sites.

Babylist allows you to combine registries from an ever growing list of independent sites including: Target, Walmart, My Proud Baby, and even Esty. They take all of your shower registries and combine them into one shopping list for your guest. If and item on your registry is available at multiple place then Babylist will give your guest the option to choose their checkout and will show the price for each store.

Babylist has a ton of cool sponsorships and partners. This allows them to give free gifts for expecting parents. Upon creating a shower registry, parents will be eligible for a free box of gifts for you and your baby. This is just the beginning as Babylist boast a host of other discounts and freebies available to parents.

If you want to maximize your registry then Babylist is for you. Click here to start your registry on Babylist.

Babylist - Places to register for baby shower
Target - Best places to register for baby shower

the ol' faithful

We all know the saying "if it ain't broke, don't fix it", well thats how we feel about Target's baby registry. Target's baby registry services have been around for multiple generations which makes it great for new moms and familiar for returning moms. Although you can register with target through Babylist, we believe that Target can be a great stand alone for those parents who chose to go with a single registry.

Target is a store that most of your guest will be familiar with, and lets be honest are probably going to be visiting in the near future. Thats why its a great place to host your registry. Your guest will be able to pull up your registry in the store and shop for your gift while they complete their household errands. Your family and friends can also shop from your registry list online and pick the gift up from their local Target while they are there. This makes Target a great option for your guest who want a more grand shopping experience by allowing them to walk around and physically compare different items on your registry.

Once your shower is over Target will send you a digital coupon for 15% off of the items not bought by your guest. This is will give you a little wiggle room on those big ticket items and allow you to buy yourself a gift from the uncle who gave you cash.

All and all we love Target as a registry option for your shower. The integration between physical and online options makes it easy for your guest no matter what their shopping style. Click here to start your Target Registry.


The biggest selection

Amazon is a MASSIVE internet market place where you can pretty much find anything. Amazon's endless options allows you to customize your registry in ways that other sites do not.

Amazon has a group gifting option that sets them apart from other registries. With group gifting, multiple people can contribute to one gift. This is not only good for that penny pinching guest but allows you to increase your odds on getting some of those big ticket items.  

Like Target, Amazon will give prime members 15% off eligible items not purchased by the time of the shower. That 15% hits a little different when theres 2-day free shipping included.

Although Amazon is newer to the game, they have quickly risen to the top of the game in terms of options and price. With the biggest selection, they have literally millions of options to help you get all the necessary, and a few unnecessary, items.  Click her to start your Amazon registry.


Amazon - Best places to register for your baby shower
Gifts from baby shower

Let this extraordinary experience make you better people than you thought you could be! A baby coming to your life is one of the greatest gifts to ever receive- make the most of it!



Although the combinations are endless, there is really no wrong choice to host your baby shower registry. Whether you chose something on this list, or decide to go with one of your own options we just want to encourage you to take some time to direct your family and friends to those items which would help you the most.

Once you finish your registry don't forget to SHARE, SHARE, SHARE! Get your registry out there! Email it, share it to your timelines, text it, even print it and give it to your granny and remember no one can shop your list if they can't find it!

We hope this list can help you with your registries and can not wait to see all the things you get! Don't forget to share your baby shower photos in our Proud Moms and Dads Facebook group and let us know if you have any baby shower related questions.  

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