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5 Ways to Help Your Baby Sleep Through The Night

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APR 5, 2020

Getting your baby to stay sleep

Its the one thing all parents wish for the most, a full night's sleep from their baby. While you may not be able to nail the exact science behind your baby's sleep schedule, there are some things to can do to help your baby achieve a longer night's sleep.

1. Utilize Daytime Naps

Your baby does not come pre-progammed and will need to learn everything, this includes sleeping. You will need to teach your baby how and when to sleep. Daytime naps not only ensure your baby gets enough overall sleep but can be the perfect time for your baby to learn sleeping habits that can assist in longer nighttime sleep. Try cutting back on soothing techniques like rocking, shushing and patting on at least one daytime nap per day. This will make it easier to incorporate into your bedtime routine and cut down on mom and dad needing to get up to put baby back to sleep. Learning to self-sooth is an important step in achieving longer bedtime sleep.

2. Establish A Routine

A simple and easy bedtime routine can help signal to your baby its time for bed and help relax them into longer sleep. Try a simple bedtime routine of a bath, a massage, and a book. You'll be amazed at how much this helps. Once you find a routine that works for you and your baby, STICK TO IT! Even the slightest changes to your bedtime routine can cause sleep regression.

3. Pick The Right Bedtime

Many parents make the mistake of thinking that a late bedtime means a late wake-up. What has actually been found to be true is that an early bedtime may increase your baby's bedtime sleep hours. Try putting baby to sleep around 7:30 or 8pm.

4. Try Swaddling

Swaddling is a simple and time honored way to ensure your baby feels safe and warm as they adjust to life outside the womb by creating a cozy womb-like feeling that has proven to help babies sleep longer and sleep better. Many parents have found that swaddling their baby at bedtime helps their baby stay sleep.

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5. Set the Mood

Its important to "set the mood" for bedtime. Just like us, babies need time to wind down and get ready for bed. Start getting your baby ready for bedtime by turning down lights and reducing noise around 30 mins before bedtime. Once you put your baby to sleep ensure the room is the right temperature and the lights are ideal for sleeping. No gesture is too small when it comes to keeping your baby sleep.  

Baby's smile in their sleep because they are listening to the whispers of angels.

Stick With It

We hope some of these things help you on your parenting journey but even if they don't just remember to not give up. This is your baby's word and we are just living it in. You may find that your baby is a sleep pro and does not need any assistance or you may find that nothing you do can get them to stay sleep however when the time is right, all babies eventually get into a bedtime rhythm that works for their parents.

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